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June 3, 2011 / rocksandgravel

I/V With The History Of Apple Pie

The History Of Apple Pie
Cerebral Ballzy

In the first of a new series, The History of Apple Pie have furnished us with some of the tracks that changed their lives.  And you can listen to them by playing the handy playlist below while you read a bit more about them and their choices – score!

I for one am massively nostalgic for the 90’s and as such,  I feel like myself and History of Apple Pie might get along- we could swap trivia on Saved By The Bell and quote Empire Records, discuss our favourite Blur albums and reminisce about tape- recording stuff off the radio… but I’m trying not to allow myself to digress too much into that for now. Ahead of their gig this evening, I’m sat around a table full of beers with the band at Catch 22 to see what they’re about.

The skinny is basically this- Jerome (guitar) and Steph (vocals) started writing songs at home, put them on the internet and soon found themselves gaining the attention of the blogs. If it all sounds pretty simple, it was. The recruiting process for the rest of the band was via Gumtree and Kelly, a friend of a friend, was drafted in to give the group a bit of jangly guitar action:  “She didn’t play anything before, so we taught her the bass. We got along really well from the start, and we needed a backing singer to do all the harmonies, so I mean, she had been singing before….”

I don’t know what I’m expecting to hear when I ask them about ‘the name’ but I do anyway. A brief but slightly awkward pause ensues as they wriggle in their seats and roll their eyes, “We just looked it up on the internet. It doesn’t mean anything really. Everyone seems to pick up on it, but people either love it or really hate it. What is most surprising is that they actually care!” So, the point is: it means nothing, get over it.

That’s the bio bit done then, what about the music?

Well, their EP is full of warm fuzziness, packed with saccharine lyrics and floating lo- fi loveliness. Recent single, “You’re So Cool” (something which could easily be by the Gin Blossoms) is about a girl they once knew who knows all the words to ‘True Romance’ and lets Stephanie and Kelly loose, cooing like doves over fuzzy guitar riffs, while ‘Some Kind’ gets heavier, sludgier, more grungy. It’s the ideal sum of their 90’s influenced parts- grunge and pop finding common ground.

As such, Steph isn’t ashamed to admit her earliest musical influences were the  Spice Girls, TLC and all the chart pop of the mid 90’s, until her older sister turned her head to Blur, Elastica and the like. ‘Nancy Boy’ by Placebo was the first song she ever ‘properly fell in love with’. Jerome won’t admit a love of girlpower, but cites Nirvana, Blur, Pavement and the Pixies as his personal inspirations for the band.

As for what’s next, ‘The Pie  intend to hit the studio at some point to record a full studio album, whilst continuing to gig all over London. It’s onwards and upwards. And with Field Day and Radfest coming up, they’re bound to have a  fun summer, just like the movies


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