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August 2, 2011 / rocksandgravel


I went to France last week. We drove to the Dordogne and back- two 10 hour car journeys in a week, plus 1 or 2 hours per day, in a car with a dodgy exhaust and only a CD and a dodgy FM radio to listen to. Aside from the fact that if I ever hear 1) a French or euro beat cover of Britney, Rihanna or David Guetta or 2) Adele ever again, I will stick my head through a double glazed window, I was chronically disappointed in the lack of Serge on French radio. Of course, the car wasn’t the most refined of models and the aerial was bent, but still – flicking between Nostalgique, Cherie, NRG and Fun Fun Fun FM in the course of a week, there was no Serge, or any of the fine French songwriters – like Charlotte Gainsbourg or even much Frap (French Rap) going on AT ALL. Despite having the Best of Joy Division amongs the melting Cds on the dashboard, we couldn’t really listen to that either as the passenger door was slightly open since the owner broke it, and the stereo couldn’t pick up the bass notes which kind of reduces many of their songs down to tinny hi hats.

So, here’s one of my favourite Serge songs to ease the pain of some of the ear bleeders I had to endure throughout the course of my holiday. I had a very nice time, but boy am I thankful for English radio.


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