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September 3, 2011 / rocksandgravel

Green Man Was The Loveliest

Soooo yeah, we went to Green Man to help out with radio bits and pieces for Mixcloud and Pop up radio. It was bundles of fun and japes and I want to do it all the time, basically. Upon arrival we were given artist wristbands, mm hmmm. Later though they got switched to Crew, the benefits of which I was not fully aware of until Sunday – mainly the fact that instead of battling to find my friends minutes before a band started, I could’ve watched from backstage. Still, was an experience that’s for sure, and the shows that myself and Dan edited (only slightly) are available for listening on Mixcloud, including Bleeding Heart Narrative’s show full of jollity, Alex K (judge Jules’ trusty producer) with a very slick show and radio 1’s Jen Long among others.

And here was the live lounge at radio HQ, which hosted all manner of acts playing on the bill throughout the weekends. Like a little private show, some hosted by some very nice Radio 1 DJs. Caitlin Moran stopped by to see friend Martin Carr with hubby Pete Paphides, but I felt too much like an imbecile to run up to her and tell her how much I love her and her book. Wish I had though. All were lovely accoustic sessions with the exception of Squarepusher who, to be honest is not to my taste anyway but was hideously hungover and tapping keys on his lap top, shades on, barely grunting a word. Meeer to you too.

 There it is! the view from the ‘other side’ as I discovered my priveleges on Sunday afternoon. I had this overwhelming urge to run out onto the main stage and managed to surpress it, thank fully. Does anyone else get these neuroses? Just me? OK. Terribly exciting place to be stood though.

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