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September 7, 2011 / rocksandgravel

TOTP today… Would it actually work?

Earlier today, over a bottle of wine, I got to talking with my formatively boho mother about whether TOTP was actually cool and for the credible bands back in the day. I also wonder, because I was very young when I’d be sat, poised on the living room floor waiting to see who was number one- were the bands who featured on it,  I’m talking about some of modern music’s most influential acts, and some of my all time favourite bands in the entire world-  T Rex Joy Division, Blur Pulp and so on – considered to be credible at the time as they seem to be now, despite miming on prime time TV? Absolutely. TOTP used to be the most exciting thing on TV, an institution that provided a vast representative cross section of the spectrum of music on offer, and what is more, the blatant miming was sometimes thrilling in itself. Even Morrissey agreed to be on it more than once – could anyone see him agreeing to an ITV prime time slot nowadays? No. I mean, its odd to think that, as I’m sure in years to come, the next generation (hopefully) won’t be championing the abundance of arse bearing drivel that dominates the current Radio 1 sales based charts, would they? I suppose its a measure of how much the industry has changed, then. What is sad is that whilst top of the pops was fantastic and many, including me, were devastated at its demise I suppose nowadays, Later with Jools Holland would be its far superior, modern day grown up equivalent (although I’m sure Mr Blobby won’t be booked any time soon) in terms of the quality and variety of music it showcases. Surely if TOTP were to make a return, there is an evident risk that it would merely be a showcase for bum waving Pacha types such as Nicole Zingertowerburger and X Factor near misses, rather than the great and the good of the independent label rosters?

Just a thought…


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