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September 20, 2011 / rocksandgravel

Irritating Bands #1

This is an occasional series in which I vent about bands who really grind my gears.

To kick start the series, the band in question is those craggy old ADHD biggotted cretins the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I’ve been trying the old trick of ignoring them in the hope that they’ll just go away for many years now- and yet they are still there. I try to avoid any radio station that pursues any RHCP arse kissing and generally touts them as the ‘hottest band in the world’ or whatever- and to such people I say, ‘Oh, come ON’. I was watching Jonathan Ross the other week when Flea and Anthony Keidis were guests. As per usual they were being ‘mad’, pissing about, wanging on about themselves and dribbling all over The Saturdays in the green room; whilst still bearing their sagged torsos, trying-to-be-funny-but-failing, and looking more wrinkly and akin to dirty old men than ever. There is plenty of place for arrogance in music as there is for revived bands, don’t get me wrong- but there’s arrogance, and then there is sheer attention seeking obnoxiousness and- even more annoying- they record the same old shit album after album, and charge a day’s wages to watch them from a mile away in concert. The fact is, Flea has been plonking out the same bass notes on every single track on every album for the last 20 years and Anthony Keidis’s voice makes my skin crawl, except when I pause and think how much it reminds me of Vic Reeves ‘club singer’ bit from Shooting Stars: ‘ribbidybibbidydooby’, which is what stopped me from throwing things at the TV set.

Aaaaand breathe.


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