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October 6, 2011 / rocksandgravel

Don’t Look Back

Oh, Bob, you old git.

I STILL LOVE YOU BOB (I know he doesn’t care but I have to say that for the record) but this film is good to watch to remind you of what a delightfully charming and articulate young man he was, a pacifist with principles, who flies off the handle only when feeling passionate, and never violent. A man in his sprawling entourage throws a glass out of the window, Bob yelps “you coulda hurt someone, man!” before they shake hands. He gives a throbbing fat red old school journalist from Time magazine a good talking down “what do you know about what the people want? You sit in an office all day.”

Throughout, he’s just doing what he wants to do- sing to the people, all the while acting aloof to Joan Baez’s gaze, and the zillions of other girls vying for his affections, and making any situation into a jazz style, finger snapping song and dance, never without a cigarette poised in mouth.

Right at the end, in the car, his manager tells him the English press are calling him an ‘anarchist’ to which he replies, clearly bemused “anarchist?! Anarchist? Give ‘the anarchist’ a cigarette.”



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