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October 7, 2011 / rocksandgravel

W/C 26/09/11 part 1: Friends

Last week was eventful. Whilst dying of man flu (I’m very pathetic when ill) I battled through it to get to Hoxton to interview Bushwick’s latest and very sexy band Friends. They were, I am relieved to say, quite cute and co-operative, although sat in a plain H&M dress and converse compared to their wacky thrift store wears, I felt supremely uncool. Even more than usual.

Sam is the front woman in every sense – she most of the talking, and yes, all the songs are about boys- good and bad reports. The word ‘sensual’ was in use a lot, ‘sensual funk, sensual vibe, sensual punk’ and they revealed their love for all things British punk, especially Sham 69. Hell yeah. Leslie cool as air, sat there with her fringe draped over her eyes , Oliver, a righteous dude and Nikki, in his shades and shirt unbuttoned. Beers were delivered, and we sat in a circle on the grass of Hoxton Square.

Later on that day, I bumped into Sam at the Bar and Grill shortly before she went on stage, ‘CHLOE’ she screamed, enthusiastically whilst a guy shuffled up to her (of course). Seeing them live in all their glory, they delivered on every word they said- Sam on the stage, cooing in her connecticut drawl, inviting the crowd to ‘come closer, don’t be shy’ as she entered into the front row, not missing a single note whilst she glided around the stage and floor. To my delight, the triangle was a prominent feature, as was some seriously funky, grooving basslines courtesy of sassy, enigmatic chick Leslie, who switched with Matt and Nikki between bass, keys and some hard nosed percussion, Oliver pounding the drum kit to an inch of its life, looking up to wipe sweat from his brow. That Sam, she’s a minx boys, she’d eat y’all for breakfast. Watch out.

Check out the write up, published in The Stool Pigeon, here.

I should point out, as did their manager from Lucky Number, that I did boycott the question about the name and the TV show, something which to my credit, they were extremely grateful for.


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