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October 7, 2011 / rocksandgravel

W/C 26/09/11 Part 2: Young British Artists

My second interview of the week was with Young British Artists, a post everything, feedback squalling, kick drum pummelling Manchester residing band. They like to throw themselves around a bit on stage, I tell you. I spoke to Leo who was on a bike ride up in Manchester, a rare opportunity apparently. Contrary to what the dark, bleak aspect of their music suggests, he’s a funny, light hearted chap. We chatted about cosy touring and getting the recording right. Though lovely to talk to and informative on all other parts, he wasn’t keen to divulge on the writing, where the songs come from, responding with a rather vague response.

Anyway, they are an intense, fit of energy on stage, having seen them at Lammo’s night where he declared that they had sent in one of the best debut singles he’d heard all year. I’m sure he’s said that before, but he doesn’t say it about EVERYONE so it can only be taken as a very good thing.

Later in the week, Leo sat on his phone left me an accidental but very informative voicemail, in which he was telling his friend about a recipe for a chicken casserole which actually sounded pretty damn tasty. Write up coming soon, mean while here’s ‘Million Miles’.


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