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October 20, 2011 / rocksandgravel

Fantasy Gigs: Squeeze

God I love squeeze. All this reform hype about bands I don’t particularly care too much for (not saying they’re bad, just not my bag) has got me thinking: if Squeeze were to tour again I would be very excited. I know technically there’s no beef between the guys (is there? I don’t know) and they occasionally hit the Albert Hall and other dapper venues but that just isn’t right. So, I propose certain conditions for their next tour:

1. I’d only want them to do it on the down low, i.e. none of this PR driven twitter speculation – maybe just let people find out either by sticking naff posters on lamp posts or even word of mouth.

2. No big £55 a head stadium gigs, no no – they should head back to the back rooms and basements of the dingey pubs of Deptford, for old times sake, a homecoming if you will. That’s where their music should be heard.

3. It’d have to be the 1979 line up- including Jools (with pork pie hat and fat cigar), Difford and Tilbrook, smoking 100 fags each and generally showing some ale infused swagger, to make for a right old knees up.


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