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November 19, 2011 / rocksandgravel

The Return of Kate Bush

Kate Bush was definitely among my faves in my teen years (alongside the likes of Duran Duran and The Human League… in the late 90s.), she’s so wonderfully weird and poignant that I wonder how we’ve lasted so long without her. Perhaps though, her way of doing things sets an example- as recent radio documentaries have pointed out, she has only ever done one tour- ONE tour in 30+ years, and made but a handful of studio albums, yet had such a profound effect on so many. Her new album, from which the single ‘Wildman’ sits firmly on the 6Music playlist, sounds so brilliantly different to anything else that’s about at the moment. The fact is, she’s so enigmatic that it becomes evident how vehemently she has influenced so many, and her re-emergence from obscurity has shown up one or 2 (not naming names!) of the ‘wild/alternative’ girls in pop to be, well, mere Kate wannabes.

Anyway, step aside and gawp in awe, pale ladies, for Kate is back. This goes out to all the proud weirdos out there (myself included), as right now I am inclined to sway and twirl around like a woodland fairy.

+ a classic for good measure… *sigh*

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