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December 11, 2011 / rocksandgravel


Now, that’s an interesting backstage ritual eh!

I went to see The Kills on Saturday, and oh man, they were righteous. I could never say honestly that they’re my favourite band of all time, but I was especially partial to Midnight Boom upon its release in 2008. The new direction they’ve taken does indicate a distinct impact being in middle America has had since they immersed themselves for months in a recording studio in a sparse area of Michigan to make the latest album. In the past and in recent interviews, they have never hesitated to declare that their main reference for writing and producing is (of course) sex, and their on stage presence radiates their primal urges. What is more, Alison Mosshart is a marvellous front woman, reflective of riot grrrl persona in her primative squeals and fitful motions, whilst oozing attitude reminiscent of Debbie Harry and Siouxie sioux.

Two themes, were apparent: dark, satanic inferences thanks to the stage craft – red spot-lighting, imposing drummers making crosses with their sticks, the gospel choir (!); the second being their explicit notion of sexuality, and the merging of these could have been taken from Prince- who’s biggest references were, as has been documented, his passion for sex and for Christianity. Of course, they have different perspectives on religion, but the comparison is there all the same. Enough of the jabbering and on with business.

Click here to read my review, written for The Stool Pigeon.



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