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December 13, 2011 / rocksandgravel


So this is the first (I think) metal (ish) song I’ve posted on here. Its a funny genre, for the true metalheads really despise the ‘Nu Metal’ even though most nu metal-ers would happily lick the portaloo stained boots of any old school metal head in an instant. Any who, at the moment I’m rather partial to New York’s East Village radio which hosts an awesome array of shows, including regular slots from Mark Ronson, ex Smiths drummer (I forget his name this instant) and Domino radio reps. Today, I found myself tuned into last week’s Metal Inquisition, in which two (probably hungover) metal lovers slurred through links and threw on ‘proper’ metal, old and new. Most amusing was an on air phone call from ‘Joey Butthole’ (probably stoned) who signed off the conversation with ‘Ok, Party on. Love ya babe’.

I think I might start signing off all my phone calls like that.

I’d say 1/3 of the playlist was Ozzy Osborne and Judas Priest, BUT they did put this on too, released this year. From a non-metal head… it actually sounds quite bearable.


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