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December 28, 2011 / rocksandgravel

Now That’s What I Call Music… 2011

To quote Henry Winkler himself (via twitter) “wasn’t it just the beginning of the end of last year …like a minute ago???”
I decided that I loved so many new songs, albums, gigs and people in 2011 that I should throw together a playlist as a way of documenting the highlights of my year, of which there were many. It features a pretty varied selection of people, including righteous ladies Peggy Sue, them pesky YBAs, plus a few saucy beat laden numbers, such as this one, for good measure.  There also features tracks by people who also made albums in 2011 that would definitely be in my ‘top 5 of 2011’, were I forced to make one; from the charming grumbler Kurt Vile, who besides having a splendid amount of hair (very important) made Smoke Ring for My Halo, a thing of achingly simple beauty that still makes my heart twang when I listen to it. His former band mates, The War On Drugs have a firm spot in the top 5 too, for a magnificent, air punch evoking LP that makes you wonder if there’s something in the water in their fair Philly. Add to that list Laura Marling ‘s divine third album, not to mention that her Sunday evening slot at Green Man Festival was pretty damn perfect in every way. *Sigh* every song tells a tale of my year, and it’s all written down somewhere on this blog space.
It is also worth noting that these tracks and artists have in common, besides their sublime awesomeness, is that they all, except for Laura Marling, release through independent labels. Stick that in your cigar and smoke it, major label big wigs. Yeah.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And just for kicks, below is Golden Years by Casio Kids, the last addition I made to the list; a track that strikes such a nostalgic chord with me that I can’t quite work out but is utterly compelling nonetheless.

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