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January 22, 2012 / rocksandgravel

An Awesome Band: Toy

Toy are one of my new favourite bands.

I first heard their name mentioned in passing when I interviewed another band in august last year, but didn’t really hear much of them until they supported The Horrors at The Roundhouse in October and I , like most of the waiting onlookers, was immediately intrigued and excited by these guys… I was also impressed by the splendid shaggy mounds of hair that each member sports (I appreciate and respect a good amount of hair on any group of people, especially so if they make good music to match).

They create dark yet enthralling, Korg Delta driven whirling tomes laced with psychedelia and sped along by incessant drumming which was the focal point for me when I went to see them again at the Shacklewell Arms last Wednesday- I couldn’t help but marvel at the ridiculously fast pace in which drummer Charlie Salvidge pounded away. The video above is of Bright White Shimmering Sun- a song whipped into a frenzy by some mega- synths from the hands of sassy chica Alejandra, that they all emphatically threw their heads around to despite being confined to a tiny space in the the back room of the dysfunctional Dalston pub. Mind meltingly good stuff.


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