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February 11, 2012 / rocksandgravel

David Bowie is Terrific.

Lately I’ve found myself frequently perusing Bowie live videos, and ‘pics of him doing normal things‘ where you see him making instant coffee in one shot, and in another, you see him clad in women’s attire complete with a fancy hat, pushing a pram along the street. Today I have a hangover, and Sound and Vision is doing the trick as a great appeaser to my wallowing state.

Amazing music and psychedelic stage craft aside, the thing I love about Dave is that he is always smiling, and always so polite to hosts- like he’s not afraid to admit he’s enjoying himself, without any trace of smugness. I have a soft spot for former cainers, especially him, in the way they always look so dippy yet content, like a dopey labrador in a kitchen where sausages are being cooked. There is footage around that completely contradicts this and I acknowledge there have been well documented dark days but for now I choose to ignore it.

Another addition to my list of ‘People I’d like to have a cup of tea and a jam with’.

Look!  Happeeee. Daww

and for old times sake… what an excellent outfit.


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