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About ME


I’m Chloe. I do many things at the moment- I write (sometimes) about music, I also studio produce the Economist podcast, which involves operating a recording studio and working with professional voice overs to produce and deliver audio versions of the articles from the weekly magazine edition. I live in Norf London and I bid you a very warm welcome to you for visiting my blog. This is essentially a place where my published articles can be viewed, as well as being a place where I share my thoughts and musings on music of all types that I feel like listening to at the moment, probably divulging too much autobiographical information in the process. ‘Thinking aloud’, if you will.

I was a full time editorial assistant for 6 months at  Spoonfed where I wrote mainly about electronic music; I currently contribute live reviews to Clash Music,  I also write for The Stool Pigeon and co-edit ‘No Fun‘ (a site myself and a friend set up, which is currently undergoing a redesign and will be live again soon.) Check Portfolio on the menu to see all of my published stuff. On the side of the writing and web content, I also used to do digital promotions for Mixcloud,  I’m pretty splendiferous with various CMS, as well as some audio editing software, social media stuff, InDesign, and Photoshop, and I very much ‘get’ SEO.

Do feel free to leave a comment or get in touch via email should you have any opportunities to offer (I am currently looking), constructive feedback (I can take it), suggestions, gifts to send or links to tumblrs concerning cats in clothes or pigs in wellies.

Thanks for stopping by, there are some interesting facts about me here .



p.s. the name ‘rocks and gravel’ actually comes from a Bob Dylan track, one that didn’t make the final cut for ‘Freewheelin’… Basically it seemed more interesting than ‘Chloe Warnock’ and, well, I thought it was nice. I could go all metaphorical on you, but… life’s too short.

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