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Life in London through the lens of a Blackberry 9700…

We finally have a guitar tuner. SADIE


I’m a big girl now…

I recently turned 25. Among my birthday swag was this pack of My Little Pony paying cards, a giant bubble blowing thing which never, EVER gets boring (or at least it hasn’t in the last week) and a lighter that reads ‘I heart la Dordogne’ on it. Splendid.

I want to go to Ravey Street

As is standard with any trip I make to XOYO, I got terribly lost once more on my way to a gig there the other day. In an attempt to find the bloody place, I resorted to the old crackberry sat nav type thing and looked up to see I was in “Ravey Street”. What a name, how have I never heard of it before? No signs of it living up to its name, sadly.

The Unfortunate Finger Slicing Incident

Very silly incident, and all down to slicing a bagel. It bled NON STOP for 3 days, and any pressing on it huuuuuuuuurt. However some good has come out of this as it is now toughened up for that dastardly G string on the old gee-tar.

Distressing scenes in Holloway

Strolled past this ghastly sight the other day. The evidence suggests a game of Guess Who got rather heated, maybe there was money on it? Who knows, except to say that I know the guitar didn’t deserve it.


Oh hi, Car! You’re lovely.

This car has sat outside my house since I moved in last summer. It has never moved since I got here but I somehow find it reassuring each time I pass it. A couple of weeks ago it got TOWED and I have to say, I was pretty down about it, until  I came back to find it sat outside waiting for me yesterday. Hooray!


Got Spotted didn’t I!

How do I put this… NO?

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  1. paul trivett / Nov 29 2011 12:00 am

    check our music…ha

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